1prp kit and lab technical specifications

1syringe  1needle  1spin  1minute* = 1prp

*excluding blood draw and centrifuge times; processing time is longer for 2-spin protocols; patent-pending.

LaserCap® Company has developed and will provide a simple-to-use prp kit**, as part of the study, to help achieve a more standardized approach to prp processing and characterization. Kit attributes include:

  • 20-60cc user-selected blood draw capacity
  • 2-12x user-selected platelet concentration availability in 1 or 2 spin protocol
  • Compatibility with commonly used centrifuges; or study will provide centrifuge
  • Compatibility for use with calcium chloride activation, extra-cellular matrix additives, stem components, etc.
  • Complete cell counts on all study specimens (whole blood, ppp, prp, rbc/granulocytes discard, for counts on platelets, wbc with differential, rbc) at central lab, as part of the kit.

**10,000 kits will be supplied in the study to participating hair restoration physicians; FDA (510k) BK180259 pending clearance

from prp lab

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Michael Rabin, MD, MBA, CEO

440 241 1846 direct
860 201 1846 fax
About LaserCap® Company – Transdermal Cap, Inc. was formed in 2006 by co-inventors Michael Rabin, MD and M.I.T.-trained optical physicist David Smith, PhD, in collaboration with Harvard-based photomedicine expert Michael Hamblin, PhD and internationally acclaimed hair restoration physician Robert Haber, MD, to develop innovative light-based devices for the Global Beauty & Health Industries. Its first commercial product is LaserCap® for women and men with thinning hair or at risk for thinning hair, a condition that affects up to 50% of adult women and 80% of adult men.  Patents issued and pending, Copyright 2018 Transdermal Cap, Inc.   www.lasercap.com


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