LaserCap ® LCPRO™ – About Us

LaserCap ® is now under the management of John Vincent, who has enjoyed a 10-year relationship with the company. John is one of the most knowledgeable and respected experts in the treatment of hair loss today, with over 30 years of experience in the hair restoration industry. 15 of those years have been focused specifically on Low Level Laser Hair Therapy. In addition to his many published articles on hair loss, John has contributed to medical textbooks regarding hair loss in both men and women.

LaserCap Manufacturing Facility in Cleveland, OH

Our Cleveland Manufacturing Facility

The LaserCap® is the first wearable light therapy device for hair growth. It was created by Michael Rabin, MD, and M.I.T.-trained optical physicist David Smith, PhD, in collaboration with award winning hair restoration physician, Robert Haber, MD, and Harvard-based photo-medicine expert, Michael Hamblin, PhD. The LaserCap ®’s company mission is to continue to develop innovative light-based devices for the global Beauty and Health industries. The LaserCap ® LCPro™ is available through physicians only. The company believes this is essential to assure optimal patient treatment and expectation management. LaserCap ®’s technology is revolutionizing how physicians treat hair loss today.

LaserCap® is manufactured in Cleveland, OH  USA under the expert guidance of our team of world-class leaders in science, engineering and technology. Its products are designed for comfort, ease of use, and with optimal power and coverage in mind. These high quality products – along with our world-class customer service and support – are what make LaserCap ® the absolute best choice in the treatment of hair loss and promotion of hair growth.


Value Proposition

Backed by world class leadership in science, medicine and technology, LaserCap ® Company delivers high-quality USA made, light-based hair loss treatment devices . These devices are safe, effective, easy to use, and delivered with superior customer service.


Mission Statement

To be the global leaders in the light-based therapeutic device industry, by providing the best effective, safe, and non-surgical hair loss treatment solutions.



Empowering men and women through innovations in hair regrowth. Better hair, stronger confidence.