LaserCap ® – About Us

The LaserCap® is the first wearable light therapy device for hair growth. It was created by Michael Rabin, MD, and M.I.T.-trained optical physicist David Smith, PhD, in collaboration with award winning hair restoration physician, Robert Haber, MD, and Harvard-based photo-medicine expert, Michael Hamblin, PhD. The LaserCap ®’s company mission is to continue to develop innovative light-based devices for the global Beauty and Health industries. The LaserCap ® LCPro™ is available through physicians only. The company believes this is essential to assure optimal patient treatment and expectation management. LaserCap ®’s technology is revolutionizing how physicians treat hair loss today.

LaserCap Manufacturing Facility in Cleveland, OH

Our Cleveland Manufacturing Facility

LaserCap® is manufactured in Cleveland, OH  USA under the expert guidance of our team of world-class leaders in science, engineering and technology. Its products are designed for comfort, ease of use, and with optimal power and coverage in mind. These high quality products – along with our world-class customer service and support – are what make LaserCap ® the absolute best choice in the treatment of hair loss and promotion of hair growth.


Value Proposition

Backed by world class leadership in science, medicine and technology, LaserCap ® Company delivers high-quality USA made, light-based hair loss treatment devices . These devices are safe, effective, easy to use, and delivered with superior customer service.


Mission Statement

To be the global leaders in the light-based therapeutic device industry, by providing the best effective, safe, and non-surgical hair loss treatment solutions.



Empowering men and women through innovations in hair regrowth. Better hair, stronger confidence.