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There are nearly 70,000 pubmed references to “platelet aggregation” with over 3000 of them also referencing “platelet rich plasma“, compared to less than 20,000 pubmed references to “platelet activation” with less then 1000 of them also referencing “platelet rich plasma“.  Take away? not sure, other than the experts apparently like referencing platelet aggregation over platelet activation.

Today from the PRP Cell Lab we look at uv-light-induced platelet aggregation versus natural platelet aggregation:

case1: uv-light-induced platelet aggregation in a 9x plt prp sample (acd-a anticoagulant; no fibrin formation noted):

before uv-light aggregation

after uv-light aggregation – note lack of fibrin formation

time-lapse video  (see full case results here 052019 uv-light case)

case2: natural platelet aggregation in a 3x plt prf sample (no anticoagulant; note fibrin formation):

before natural aggregation

after natural aggregation – note fibrin formation

time-lapse video (see full case results here 052019 natural aggregation case)

I hope to see some of you at FUE-EUROPE in Manchester England 6/6-6/8 where I will speak more on the topic as I am scheduled to briefly discuss prp+photomed for hair regrowth (7 minutes on the podium so I must speak fast; Harvard photomed guru Mike Hamblin who has recently relocated to Scotland will lecture for 30 minutes as he clearly has a lot more to say on the subject than me.)

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