PRP Cell Lab is part of our ‘scalp prp + photomed for hair regrowth’ registry trial we are planning;  for Photomed Optics Lab data click here   Labs overview click here

052519 uv-light vs natural platelet aggregation

052019 (UV-LIGHT-INDUCED PLATELET AGGREGATION) 052019 prp uvb case – 9x plt conc with acd-a anticoagulant  with timelapse video showing UV-LIGHT-INDUCED PLATELET AGGREGATION; NO FIBRIN FORMATION

052019 (NATURAL PLATELET AGGREGATION) 052019 prf case – 3x plt conc no anticoagulant with timelapse video showing NATURAL PLATELET AGGREGATION; FOLLOWED BY FIBRIN FORMATION)

051919 (UV-LIGHT-INDUCED PLATELET AGGREGATION) 051919 prp uvb case –  8x plt conc in 2-spin protocol with acd-a; then UVB (reptile lamp) x 10mw/cm2 x 10 min = 6J/cm2

051819 (NATURAL PLATELET AGGREGATION) 051819 prf case – 2x plt conc prf after 5min 2500rpm 14cm radius (1000G); 3cc blood draw; no anticoagulant; 2x platelet conc.

051019 outside case – 6x plt conc in 2-spin pipette (no-kit) process from skilled lab operator

Other Example Cases:

>10x platelet in PRP at 200x magnification; from 2-spin PRP Prep; 4/19/19


6x platelet in PRP at 200x magnification; from 2-spin PRP Prep; 04/12/19


from a PRF prep at 200x magnification; 1-spin protocol, no anticoagulant; 4/14/19

and prf related (from 04/11/19; prf prep (no anticoagulant)):

plasma from 1-spin protocol (no anticoagulant)

becoming prf

has become prf   scanning em image for comparison


3x plt    0.5x plt    video

4/16/19; Eclipse gel; 3x plt at 60×3.3 magnification; from eclipse 1-spin PRP Prep

study reference – emcyte sponsored kit comparison of emcyte, magellan, eclipse, regen

related – 4/27/19; custom gel at 2 densities; 1-spin PRP Prep videos&images (wb, packed rbc, plasma with platelet aggregation, etc)

related – 4/19/19; custom gel; 1-spin PRP Prep  video   images



04/14/19; 10x plt at 60×3.3 magnification; from 2-spin PRP Prep


other –


04/11/19; prp prep (acd-a)

04/11/19; 2x platelet in PRP at 200x magnification from 1-spin PRP Prep   video1   video2

Do you remember petticoat junction? Well this is hashtagprp buffycoat junction under the microscope at 200x, at intersection of platelet+wbc buffy coat above and packed rbc below. rbc’s (red) easy to spot; wbc’s (white) of similar size as rbc floating above; platelets tougher to spot, appear as small darker shadows floating with wbc

buffy-rbc junction     video  hashtagprpcellab


packed rbc – diluted  scale  undiluted

Dear Hair Restoration Physician,


As part of our ‘scalp prp + photomed for hair regrowth’ registry trial planning, we have set up a central lab to measure cell counts with differentials on prp and related blood components (full prp cell lab profile includes cell counts and differential on 1 whole blood, 2 packed rbc, 3 ppp, 4 prp).

Here are the particulars:
A. prp cell lab pak – contains 4 collection tubes to collect and send up to 4 samples from your prp procedure to our lab  (1 whole blood, 2 packed rbc, 3 ppp, 4 prp); note – you can also label and send your used syringe and/or kit centrifugation vessels where we can typically recover sufficient amounts to test.
B. sample size – 20ul minimum, up to 1.8ml; for example, residual volume of prp in syringe luer tip and needle base after injection is around 75ul and may be recovered to send to our lab for cell counts + differential; or if you are mixing prp with additives, these will interfere with cell counts so it is best to send residual amount in centrifugation vessel which may be around 150ul.
C. transport – use the prepaid fedex 2-day mailer included in the prp cell lab pak
Here is example output from the lab:
sample vol(cc) plt plt conc. plt yield wbc ly mo ly mo yield gr gr yield hct
blood 4 60 206 8.8 1.7 0.4 6.8 44.8%
prp 4 7 1658 8.0 93.9% 9.6 8.3 0.8 50.6% 0.5 0.9% 0.4%
cell count units are x 10^3/uL
In this example, resulting prp sample showed 8x plt concentration with a 94% platelet recovery in 7cc prp produced from 50cc blood draw + 10cc na-citrate anticoagulant, along with low hct and low granulocytes. (example from performance data report here for FDA 510K submission of a hybrid prp kit that should be available later this year as part of the registry trial).
See more detail at and email or call me for questions and/or to request a prp cell lab pak.

Michael Rabin, MD, MBA, CEO
440 241 1846direct
860 201 1846fax

About LaserCap® Company – Transdermal Cap, Inc. was formed in 2006 by co-inventors Michael Rabin, MD and M.I.T.-trained optical physicist David Smith, PhD, in collaboration with Harvard-based photomedicine expert Michael Hamblin, PhD and internationally acclaimed hair restoration physician Robert Haber, MD, to develop innovative light-based devices for the Global Beauty & Health Industries. Its first commercial product is LaserCap® for women and men with thinning hair or at risk for thinning hair, a condition that affects up to 50% of adult women and 80% of adult men.  Patents pending, Copyright 2009 Transdermal Cap, Inc.


cel-lab-pak requisition

cel-lab-pak contents


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