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The 8th Annual Meeting of FUE-Europe in  Manchester, England is underway, June 6-8, 2019.  While topics are primarily surgical, there are numerous presentations on medical management including 38 medical hair regrowth related topics listed below.   Of special note are:

LINK to Harvard photomedicine expert  Mike Hamblin, PhD keynote Photomedicine for Hair Regrowth presentation highlights (Hamblin covered the photomed part of my PRP+Photomedicine for Hair Regrowth presentation where I showed examples from the PRP Cell Lab)

LINK to live and/or recorded remote access to all conference presentations.

Cheers from Manchester, England

Michael Rabin, MD, MBA CEO LaserCap Company

Medical Management-Related Topics from FUE-Europe 8th Annual Meeting, June 6-8, 2019

1 Stem Cell Therapy: James B. DeYarman
2 Topical Finasteride: Dr. Ed Epstein
3 PDO Threads for Hair Regrowth with/without PRP. Techniques/Risks/Benefits/Results: Dr. Alan Bauman
4 Advanced Hair Loss Management: Dr. Pradeep Sethi
5 Causes of Hair Loss in Men and Women: Dr. Flavia Barsali
6 Maximizing your hair regrowth effects with PRP + Photomedicine: Dr. Michael Rabin
7 Value of Adipose: Dr. Angelo Trivisonno
8 Trichotest A New Genetic Tool for the Treatment of Alopecia: Flavia Barsali
9 Photomedicine: Michael Hamblin, PhD.
10 Follicle Stem Cells: Dr. Pietro Gentile
11 Stromal Vascular Fraction for Hair Loss: Dr. Angelo Trivisonno
12 The Role of Adipose Tissue and Regenerative Cells in Treating Hair Loss: Dr. Gorana Kuka-Epstein
13 Activation of Adipose Stem Cells with HD PRP: Dr. Ryan Welter
14 Fat Grafting preserving Adipose Derived Cells and micro vesicles: the new paradigm: Hebert Lamblet
15 Platelet Lysate: Dr. Chiara Insalaco
16 Influence of Growth Factor Concentration and Amniotic Membrane on Dermal Papilla: Dr. John Cole
17 ABCs of ECMs, MSCs, Microparticles etc – Xenografts, Allografts & Exosomes: Dr. Alan Bauman
18 Response of Follicles to Finasteride & Minoxidil; A pilot study: Dr. Jean Devroye
19 Different PRP Systems, a Comparison: Dr. Paul Rose
20 SMP and Trichopigmentation to White dot FUE Scars and Strip Scars: Dr. John Cole
21 Hair Help: Larry Shapiro
22 Adipocyte Stem Cells, Amniotic Membrane, Follicle Stem Cells and PRP: Trivisonno, Lamblet, Gentile
23 Trichopigmentation: Milena Lardi
24 Scalp Micropigmentation: Dawn Forshaw
25 Assessment and Medical Management of Cicatricial Alopecia: Dr. Matt Harries
26 SMP in Scarring Alopecia: Dawn Forshaw
27 Response of Follicles to Finasteride and Minoxidil: Dr. Jean Devroye
28 FAT: Hebert Lamblet
29 Follicle Stem Cells: Pietro Gentile
30 Underestimating the value of LLLT: Dr. Reza Azar
31 Adipose & Follicle Stem Cells, Fat Harvesting & Injection: Dr’s Trivisonno, Welter, Lamblet, Gentile
32 Follysis: Dr. Georgios Zontos
33 Hair Check: Dr. Alan Bauman
34 Patient Expectations and Psychology: Thomy Kouremada
35 Workup of Female Hair Loss: Dr. Gorana Kuka-Epstein
36 Hair Follicle Anatomy and Biology: Dr. Paul Rose
37 Topical Finasteride: Dr. John Cole, Dr. Chiara Insalaco & Marco Bola Angoli
38 Social rehabilitation of post trauma severe aesthetic handicaps: Dr. Felix Popescu
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