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The LaserCap One-Year Satisfaction Guarantee allows LaserCap devices purchased directly from LaserCap Company to be returned within one (1) year (365 days) from date of purchase for any reason, for a 25% return fee plus any shipping charges, credit card fees, taxes or other fees incurred by LaserCap Company.

If the customer wishes to instead exchange for a different LaserCap model, within one (1) year (365 days) from date of purchase, the 25% return fee will be waived, and the difference in retail price between original and exchanged model will be charged or refunded.

Customers must receive authorization from LaserCap Company prior to a return or exchange. Once a return or exchange is authorized, LaserCap Company will email customers a prepaid shipping label. Returned LaserCap devices must be shipped using this prepaid shipping label within 365 days from date of purchase for a return or exchange to be accepted. Unless otherwise instructed by LaserCap Company, customers must return all components and accessories along with the LaserCap device for a return or exchange to be accepted.

Please allow at least 7 days for your return or exchange to be processed once it is delivered.

To initiate a return or exchange please call +1 855-424-7774, or email

Please note LaserCap Company will not accept a return or exchange if a LaserCap device was purchased from a LaserCap authorized retailer. Customers who purchased their LaserCap device from an authorized retailer, must contact said authorized retailer to initiate a return, and to receive their refund or exchange. Most LaserCap Authorized Retailers participate in the LaserCap One-Year Satisfaction Guarantee program. However customers should clarify the specific LaserCap authorized retailer’s return and exchange policy prior to purchase.

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