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7 Proven Hair Loss Prevention Tips for Men

7 Proven Hair Loss Prevention Tips For Men

Hair loss is a common issue among men. More than 85% will experience hair thinning before they hit 50. Going bald can be a source of insecurity and embarrassment for many men. While you can’t completely prevent hair loss, there are treatments that can help you maintain a full head of hair for as long as possible.

Thanks to advances in medicine and technology, modern hair loss treatments not only slow balding but can also regrow some of your hair. Below, we’ll provide seven hair loss prevention tips for men that are proven to work. Follow these tips to reduce hair loss and preserve your crowning glory.

1.Eat a Healthy, Balanced Diet

Like all other tissues in your body, hair follicles need certain nutrients to produce strong, healthy hair. Your hair is made up of mostly protein (keratin), with small amounts of lipids and water. The protein provides strength and structure, while water and lipids keep your hair moisturized and supple. Hair follicles are also complex miniature organs that need a consistent and balanced level of nutrients to do their job properly ⏤ i.e. grow hair.

Low-calorie or otherwise highly restrictive diets can cause hair loss due to a lack of proteins and other vital macronutrients that provide energy to the hair follicles. Studies have found that protein malnutrition can cause changes in your hair that include hair thinning and hair loss. Deficiencies in other key micronutrients such as Iron, Zinc, and Vitamin D may also contribute to hair loss.

Below are some healthy eating tips for hair loss prevention in men:

  • Stay hydrated! Experts recommend you drink 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) of pure water per day.
  • Make sure to include lean protein and healthy fats in your diet to reduce hair loss. Eat more nuts, fatty fish, and vegetable oils like olive, flaxseed, and avocado oil.
  • Consume five servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Aim for different-colored fruits and vegetables, as each has unique phytonutrients that are beneficial for health.
  • Cut down on refined carbs and sugar. They can promote inflammation and damage your hair follicles, accelerating hair thinning.

2.Take Nutritional Supplements

It is common to eat a balanced diet but still lack certain nutrients. More than 31% of the US population has at least one nutrient deficiency. Some nutrient deficiencies can cause hair loss. One study found that men with male pattern hair loss had lower levels of zinc than subjects with fuller hair. In another study, mice that had vitamin D deficiency developed hair loss.

Most people can benefit from taking a health supplement daily. Supplements are formulated with essential micronutrients in optimal amounts that are vital for good health and reducing hair loss. With so many products on the market, how can you pick the best supplement for hair loss prevention in men? Here are a few key nutrients to look for on the supplement label:

  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Biotin
  • Niacin
  • Vitamin D

3.Tame Your Stress

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You probably already know that stress is bad for your health. But did you know that stress can also cause hair loss? In one study conducted by Harvard University, researchers found that stress hormones cause hair loss by impairing hair stem cell activity, deactivating hair follicles, slowing follicle regeneration, and reducing hair growth.

Despite its ill effects, stress is a natural part of life and can’t be avoided. But there are ways to keep it under control. There are several stress relief techniques that can calm your mind and help with hair loss prevention in men. Use these tips to tame your stress and reduce hair loss:

  • Exercise ⏤ Exercising releases endorphins, feel-good hormones that increase feelings of wellbeing. Physical activity also distracts you from the source of stress and improves sleep quality, which is crucial for lowering anxiety.
  • Meditate ⏤ Meditation relaxes your body and mind and clears thoughts that cause stress. Try mindful meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, guided imagery, and deep breathing exercises to find a technique that works for you.
  • Hang out ⏤ Spend more time with family and friends to keep your mind off things that cause you stress. Social contact provides a supportive environment, distracts you from stressful thoughts, and helps you lighten your mental load.

4.Avoid Hairstyles That Pull on Hair

Cornrows, dreadlocks, and man buns may look cool, but they contribute to hair loss when worn too often. Tight hairstyles tug at the hair follicles, pulling your hair out. This form of hair loss, known as traction alopecia, can cause hair thinning around your temples. Wearing tight hairstyles long-term can destroy hair follicles permanently by making them develop scar tissue.

Traction alopecia can be remedied when caught early. One of the best hair loss prevention tips for men is to wear loose hairstyles. Fortunately, there are many popular men’s hairstyles that are loose and short. To reduce hair loss, ask your hairstylist about loose hair styling options and try a few to find your new favorite look.

5.Stay Away from Chemical Hair Treatments

Chemical hair treatments like dyes, perms, and relaxers are becoming increasingly popular among men. They allow men to create a variety of styles and looks and help them appear well-groomed. While they improve your appearance, they can be harmful to your hair in the long run. Avoiding chemical hair treatments is essential for hair loss prevention in men.

Treatments that permanently change the structure or color of your hair often contain harsh chemicals that can damage the hair follicles. When follicles are damaged, they can’t grow new, healthy hair. This can make your hair thin out over time, leading to premature balding. If you must use chemical hair treatments, keep them off your scalp to reduce hair loss.

6.Apply Minoxidil

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Minoxidil is a popular treatment for reversing hair loss, but it can also be used as a hair loss prevention strategy in men. Minoxidil (Rogaine) is an FDA-approved medication used to treat androgenetic alopecia or hereditary hair loss. This drug is a vasodilator. It widens the blood vessels and enhances blood flow to the scalp, increasing the supply of nutrients to hair follicles.

Minoxidil is available in two forms: liquid and foam. Both forms are applied to the scalp to slow balding or regrow hair. In a one-year study, 84% of users who were treated with minoxidil rated the medication as very effective, effective, or moderately effective for decreasing hair shedding and regrowing hair.

7.Use LLLT

Another hair loss prevention treatment for men cleared by the FDA is low-level laser therapy (LLLT). LLLT uses low-intensity red laser light to reduce hair loss and stimulate new hair growth. When applied to the scalp, the hair follicles’ stem cells absorb this light energy. This energizes the cells of the hair follicles, allowing them to perform cellular respiration more efficiently.

With enhanced cellular activity and biochemical interactions, your hair follicles spend more time in the growth phase of the hair cycle. This reduces hair shedding and helps you grow thicker, longer hair. Several studies have shown LLLT to be beneficial for reducing hair loss. In a recent review of 15 clinical studies, LLLT was found highly effective for improving hair density in men.

There are different kinds of LLLT devices, such as laser combs, laser caps, and helmets, that you can use at home to prevent hair loss. LLLT devices offer a drug-free, non-invasive, and convenient way to maintain a full head of hair for as long as possible.

Prevent Hair Loss with LaserCap

Hair thinning is inevitable with age. But there are many hair loss prevention strategies for men you can adopt to slow down the process and keep as much of your hair as possible. If you’re looking for a safe and easy way to reduce hair loss, The Original LaserCap can help. LaserCap is an FDA-cleared LLLT device clinically proven to fight hair loss in both men and women.

LaserCap is lightweight, portable, and discreet, designed to fit inside your favorite cap. Place it under your cap and wear it at home or on the go as its prescription-strength light energy works to stimulate hair growth. Use The Original LaserCap for just 30 minutes every other day, and you can grow a fuller head of hair in four to six months.

Get your LaserCap today to restore your hair with the regenerative power of light!


Michael Rabin, MD, MBA

Michael Rabin, MD, MBA, is the founder and CEO of LaserCap Company. He is a physician, entrepreneur, and inventor of The Original LaserCap. Dr. Rabin received his MD and MBA from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. He has more than 30 years experience creating and leading innovative biomedical companies.

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